Machine learning is for everyone!

Neuracode is a nonprofit organization that is on a mission to provide everyone an equal opportunity to learn machine learning. We support students from a variety of backgrounds, including low-income or underrepresented students.
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With our sophisticated curriculum, you will easily progress through our courses with a firm grasp of the knowledge.

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By volunteering for Neuracode, you will gain tutoring or leadership experience, and you will earn volunteer hours.

Competitive Hackathons

Using the machine learning skills you obtained from our courses or prior knowledge, create a cool project and earn rewards.

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Further improve your ML skills by reading through our blogs on a variety of machine learning projects.

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Join our community of machine learning experts, coders, and students looking to learn more about machine learning.

Whether you are beginner or an expert, you can create a lot of interesting projects, ranging from a simple chatbot to teaching a computer to play Mario.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All courses are free. Our mission is to help students all around the world and expose them to the field machine learning.

Yes, we are a student-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Yes. Tutors will earn the number of volunteer hours they stay each class and an additional volunteer hour for getting used to the new system. Every presentation created by a tutor will earn 4 volunteer hours. The number of volunteer hours earned by students in other positions will be calculated based on the position they are in.

Classes will take place online over Zoom, and the link to the meeting will be sent to you via email when you sign up for the course.